Is a Digital Mind (Ai) a bad thing? What is a digital mindset?

June 8th, 2023

I mind even if you don’t mind?


Today’s ramblings are by Ronald D. Southard, CEO at SafeSourcing Inc

I’m thinking a lot about Ai these days. I’m also researching and reading a lot about Ai these days. While I don’t hope to become an expert, I do hope to understand the benefits of deploying solutions that use Ai, the impact they may have on associates that use the solutions resulting in an even more intelligent solution that may ultimately replace them. That’s scary to any worker to hear. Maybe it will result in an even better job. Who knows?

According to an Article Titled Developing a Digital Mindset in the Harvard Business Review, a digital mindset is” Learning new technological skills is essential for digital transformation. But it is not enough. Employees must be motivated to use their skills to create new opportunities. They need a digital mindset. Psychologists describe mindset as a way of thinking and orienting to the world that shapes how we perceive, feel, and act. A digital mindset is a set of attitudes and behaviors that enable people and organizations to see how data, algorithms, and AI open up new possibilities and to chart a path for success in a business landscape increasingly dominated by data-intensive and intelligent technologies”.

Now what happens if we apply this theory to Ai itself. While we launch new companies, develop new products and programs that enhance and replace current company offerings using Ai, are we better off or worse off. I guess that depends on your perspective. Profit and earnings at all costs so one can retire a millionaire or a billionaire regardless of what happens to associates bothers me. Unfortunately, there are a lot of those folks around. There are many that never even ran a profitable company. Theory and great presentations based on future technologies tickle the hell out of investors.

Here’s what I prefer. Build and run a profitable eProcurement company that is growing. That’s uses its tools to assist companies in reducing their costs to improve their gross margins and net earnings, support their growth plans and retain, retrain where necessary and grow their associate headcount. I’ll sleep better at night, and I won’t have a robot learn how to tuck me in.

SafeSourcing is a Procure to Pay SaaS based provider of a number of e-Procurement solutions and associated white glove services that are part of our SaaS offered SafeSourceIt™ eSourcing learn more, please contact a SafeSourcing customer services associate.


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