Have you seen the new features and Artificial Intelligence (Ai) coming in Google Maps?

November 20th, 2023

Google Maps recently got a massive new AI upgrade.


Today’s post is by Troy Lowe; Vice President of Development at SafeSourcing.

As you probably know, Google Maps is one of the most popular navigation applications in the world.  If you haven’t heard Google Maps got a massive new AI upgrade recently and added 5 new features that makes it smarter and more helpful than older versions.  One of the new features and probably one of the most impressive is the Immersive View feature.  This feature allows you to see your routes from the street level in an amazing 3D view.  This new feature allows you to get detailed and realistic views of your surroundings, landmarks, and directions before you even begin your trip.  Using this feature is very useful when your trip involves complex or unfamiliar areas where most people may get lost by the confusing directions or surroundings.  This feature works by allowing you to preview every step of your trip whether you are driving, cycling, or walking.  For example, if you wanted to take a scenic bike route, you would just request cycling directions to the destination and then tap Immersive View preview to see your route in a stunning, multidimensional view from start to finish.  Doing this can help you prepare for each turn as if you were there with detailed, visual turn by turn directions.  It has a time slider that you can use to view helpful information like weather conditions and simulated traffic.  This will allow you to avoid taking the trip during bad weather or during heavy traffic times.  Below are some of the other new features.

  • Google Maps Search with AI
  • AI enhanced Google Maps Navigation
  • Added EV Charging Station Info
  • Lens in Maps Feature

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