What’s in a company’s name?

September 4th, 2009

What makes a company more than simply another me too?

Speaking ill of the competition is not something this author does. I have always been an advocate of deserving business from my customers by providing the best products and services at the best possible ROI. Whether a company is new or evolving from a prior way of doing things should not matter. Where was Microsoft 30 years ago? Had anyone ever heard of Whole Foods? What was Intel? There has always been next generation companies made of leaders that are, thinkers and visionaries that do the same things we’ve done every day in very different ways. The goal of these companies is to drive increases in productivity, create new jobs, better work environments and focus on making the world a better place for those that follow. There have always been early adopters, and there have always been followers. One has to choose their own path.

Today, there is an epidemic in our world as a result of unsafe products. Not enough is being done about it. The global supply chain is growing larger every day and traceability which does not exist is critically important. As consumers we have become far too familiar with terms like listeria, salmonella, ecoli, botulism, noroviros and staphylococcus aureos etc. There are additional issues with non consumable products such as lead in toys, BPH, flammable liquid issues and other hazardous materials to name a few.

Our environment is also suffering. We can do something about it. By us, I mean our collective sourcing community of retailers, suppliers, brokers, growers, manufactures and others. Every day conversation includes terms such as global warming, recycling, biodegradable, alternative fuels, pollution, conservation, green living and dozens of others eco focused phrases.

When you look at a company name, look at the statement it makes. Is it clear what the company stands for? Visit the company’s website and see if its message is clear and supports the brand image they espouse. If you meet with the company insure that their messaging supports at a detailed level what their brand indicates because it is their promise.

Our company is SafeSourcing. We absolutely do things that other companies do such as e-negotiation events. However we do it in a far different way. We have streamlined the process with new technology, and added intelligent functionality. We have added a critical focus on safety and the environment with the largest retail supplier databases in the world which also supports a traceable history beyond one forward one back. And, we do it less expensively because our technology allows us to.

What’s in a logo? Ours is SafeSourcing..

We look forward to and appreciate your comments.

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