How do you recall an egg or any product for that matter?

August 26th, 2010

Well first you have to find it and then you have to find where it came from. I think they call this product traceability.

To this author it does not really matter. What does matter is that you have to be able to trace where the egg came from, what you fed your hens or fertilized your crops with and how the consumable was processed.

?There has been any number of efforts in food industry traceability during the last decade that has resulted in a number of silly naming conventions. You may have heard of a few of them. I guess this means because we have a naming convention that progress is being made.

1.?From the farm to the table.
2.?From the farm to the fork.
3.?From the field to the fork.

In light of the most recent egg recall what on gods green earth is the government doing about building a sustainable and traceable food system. We have this conversation to often and not much happens until the next occurrence.

Product traceability that works would improve the efficiency and speed of response time following a food safety event like our most recent salmonella case. It would also contribute in a significant way to the protection of our public health and help consumer confidence following such an incident. Historically field investigators have been slowed by having to sort through paper reports and documents at numerous locations that are responsible for handing, packing and distributing these products.

Make sure that your procurement solutions provider has a good response relative to how they can help you support traceability in your procurement process.

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