Mr. President if you want to create some more jobs, hire some more FDA inspectors.

August 31st, 2010

f everyone did their jobs we would not have as many product and food safety problems as we do. That is if the government could figure out how many workers it took to do their job.

This author offered the following post during September of 2008.? The Food and Drug Administration fills 1300 positions. Are consumers safer?? If we were to answer that question today based on the most recent egg recall the answer would be obviously not.

So, I?m reading the Arizona Republic this past Saturday the 28th of August and come across the following article by Mary Clare Jalonick of the Associated Press. FDA to look at egg farms. The sub title was Official: Recall spurring action. You have to be kidding me. The article goes on to say that the Obama administration official says that inspectors will visit 600 large egg farms responsible for production of up to 80% of the nation?s eggs. This should be accomplished by the end of next year. Yes we mean the end of 2012. Snicker ;-(. Well I guess we are safer now.

The question this all begs is what won?t we be looking at while we are so focused on eggs. If we were really concerned, why would we not hire a bunch of new inspectors between now and the end of September of this year and train the during October of this year and then finish the project by the end of this year.. This author bets that you could find enough qualified job seekers to fill and carry out this task. I mean they are going to be following a check list relative to things like refrigeration, sanitation and standard practices. This is not brain surgery.

Hindsight is supposed to always be 20/20. If we visit wiki answers, the statement is defined as meaning that you can look in the past (hindsight) and see what you did wrong. Perfect vision is 20/20. So as you look back, you’re able to see “perfectly” what you should have done. So why does our government keep getting it wrong.

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