Sustainability needs to be a primary focus of all retail procurement leaders.

September 1st, 2010

It will only be a matter of time before your CEO tells you to come to him or her with a plan as to how your procurement organization will support sustainability and the environment.

A recent survey by UN Global Compact and? Accenture releases findings of largest CEO research study on corporate sustainability. According to this survey Chief Executives believe overwhelmingly that Sustainability has become critical to their success, and could be fully embedded into core business within ten years.

According to the survey CEO?s also believe that companies will need to meet the conditions listed below.

1.?Shaping consumer tastes in order to build a stronger market for sustainable products.
2.?Training management, employees and the next generation of leaders to deal with sustainability issues.
3.?Communicating with investors to create a better understanding of the impact of sustainability.
4.?Measuring performance on sustainability ? and explaining the value of business in society.
5.?Working with governments to shape clearer regulation and create a level playing field.

As a procurement leader what can you do in order to be prepared for those questions that may be coming to your desk tomorrow?

1.?Stay educated by seeking sources that offer readily available and fresh content on procurement related sustainability developments.
2.?Make sure that your procurement solution providers are also focused on sustainability.
3.?Ask your procurement solution providers what their environmental support plans are and how to include them in your procurement business plan.
4.?Ask your procurement solution providers what their product safety plans are and how to include them n your procurement business plan.
5.?Ask your procurement solution providers what training programs they can offer to your company in order to educate your associates.

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