We never worried about washing our Easter eggs or where they were hidden; we just ate them during the hunt.

April 22nd, 2011

Today some of the eggs are still real while many are just plastic egg looking containers that once opened hold the real treasure.

I watched a commercial on T.V. the other night where a dad organized the local Easter egg hunt. He went to the store and purchased black and green paint and then individually painted the eggs in a camouflage pattern before hiding them. It was hilarious watching the kids wander around looking for the eggs. I think one egg was actually found by accident. The guy’s wife was not very happy with him. Depending on how you look at it, maybe the father did the kids a favor.

After all, he did use real eggs because he knew that he could not confirm that the plastic ones he first looked at did not contain BPA or Bisphenol A.  So, he moved on tot the local grocery store and bought fresh eggs. He had heard of BPA, but had never been exposed to Salmonella and was not aware of the number of recalls in the recent past of fresh eggs.

I guess the point is I could go on and write about paint products, pesticides on the lawn, multiple kids picking up the same egg or a variety of other issues confronting parents today that we just did not think about 40 or 50 years ago. It’s a shame.

The above does however point out the diligence required by sourcing professionals when buying for resale products and how these products cross paths and interact as well as impact the consumer. We are making progress but not enough for me to eat one of those eggs anymore. At least until I’ve washed it.

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