Getting to Know the Organizations Helping to Protect Us

April 25th, 2011

Today’s post is by Mark Davis; Vice President of Operations and CTO at SafeSourcing. Mark asks "How do you leverage the work from organizations helping to protect the planet and its people?"

If you turn on the news at any time of day you are constantly being faced with hundreds of stories about people trying to hurt other people.  It can be so overwhelming at times that it seems there is no one actually trying to “help” anyone else.

The fact is there are thousands of organizations and millions of people all over the world whose primary goal and focus is to help protect the planet and more importantly, the people on it.  These same organizations also provide certifications for millions of products that companies buy every day that demonstrate an awareness for protecting us from the “shortcuts” and harm that so many times arise in the course of making those products.
Organizations like the Forest Stewardship Council, who certify wood products promoting better and more responsible uses of our forests and ensure the sustainability of those same forests that are used in making their products.

 There are literally tens of thousands of organizations that provide these types certifications as well as the lists of the certified companies and products who have demonstrated that capability to do things the right way.  These items can be very useful resources to helping your company select a better mix of product.

For more information about these types of organizations please visit the SafeSourcing Wiki or contact a Customer Service representative to find out how you can begin sourcing from suppliers out of our database of certified vendors today.

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