IT Hiring Growth for 2013

January 22nd, 2013

With IT labor hiring looking to increase worldwide in 2013, how will you build you IT departments?

Today’s post is by Mark Davis; Sr. Vice President of Operations and CTO at SafeSourcing

After a very strong 2012 IT hiring trend, 2013 is looking to equal if not better that trend as companies grow and new technologies require non-IT companies to augment their staff to keep up, especially the in the areas of mobile devices and cloud computing which seem to be mentioned with every blog and magazine written.

Most IT departments have already completed their budgeting for 2013 and know where their needs lie but they may not yet have decided the best way to bring that talent in.  Today we will go over a few things to consider as you prepare to increase you IT staffs.

Temp VS Permanent – One of the biggest dilemmas IT departments have faced for the past 15 years is whether to hire temporary or permanent help.  There can be a financial upside to a permanent employee even with taxes and benefits over higher priced temporary employees but only if there is enough work and there is a management staff in place to ensure quality work gets done.  These are some of the biggest reasons why companies are moving toward augmenting some of their staff with contract employees especially for projects that have a definite end of life.  Having a healthy mix of internal and external resources is where most companies will find themselves this year.

Geek + Business is a Must – It has always been very important for IT professionals to be equipped with the technical expertise and knowledge for doing their job.  In years past, it didn’t really matter what other strange behavior, appearance or presentation came with the IT professional as long as they could do the tasks they were hired for.  With IT professionals today, interacting with and, more importantly, understanding the business they are in and how their customers use their products in order to make a better product will be crucial.   Companies will look to hire IT professionals who can understand dollars and cents as well as bits and bytes.

DIY or Third Party – One of the other areas companies struggle with is whether they should try and find the resources themselves or seek help from a third party.  The answer for this for many companies boils down to whether there are internal resources that understand enough of what they are looking for in order to make a determination of whether a candidate is a quality on or not.  Many recruiting agencies can charge a hefty price to find good talent but they are generally extremely well-equipped to evaluate the customer’s needs and the talent against those needs saving the company time and huge headaches down the road if they hire only ONE wrong resource let alone many.

To understand more about how we can help you build the best strategy to source your IT Labor needs or to provide you with alternative methods for reviewing those options, please contact a SafeSourcing Customer Service Representative.

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