Blood Pressure Accuracy-It Could Save a Life

January 25th, 2013

Accuracy is very important in anything in life, but accuracy in the healthcare field could really be a matter of life or death.

Today’s post is by Sarah Kouse an account manager in our procurement center of expertise at SafeSourcing.

When checking your blood pressure in your local grocery store, pharmacy, etc. you may not always be getting an accurate reading. If the size of the arm cuff is too small or too large, it can either over-estimate or under-estimate your blood pressure reading. The same would go with having your blood pressure checked at a healthcare facility.

If you were to receive an inaccurate blood pressure reading, and the error was not caught, you could be putting your life in danger by either not getting the proper dose of medicine for the medical condition, not being prescribed medication when it is needed, or getting prescribed medication for a medical condition that is not even present.

Knowing the facts and all the information related can ensure accuracy and, in this case, potentially save lives. Having the right product in your business is extremely important too. Not only to ensure you are providing a product that provides a customer that accuracy to help them get in control of their health, but to make sure the product meets all of the health requirements and certifications, while getting the best price possible.

Many suppliers will offer better pricing on Blood Pressure Machines for companies that sign a contract of a longer duration. For example, the pricing would be lower for a contract of eight years opposed to four years. After weighing out all of the options, it could save you money and be more cost effective in the longer run to have a product for a longer duration.

There are many details involved in making sure you offer your customers the right product while paying the best prices possible when selecting a product in this industry. Please contact a SafeSourcing Customer Service Representative to assistance you with your sourcing needs today.

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